Results of a survey of Inver Hills Community College faculty for Fall, 2000 Student Workshop

Connie Manos-Andrea, Psychology Department

1. Have an attitude

Want to learn.

Be open to learning.

Commit to learning.

Make school a priority.

Be willing to let go of old ways.



2. Set goals

Envision what goals you want to accomplish by going to college.

Prioritize those goals.

3. Schedule

Organize and plan ahead.

Devote 2-3 study hours per credit per week.

(15 credits = 30-45 study hours beyond time spent in class per week)

Be prepared for every class meeting. Have texts, assignments, lab books, notes, etc.

(This includes the first day of class.)

Take prerequisites.

4. Be there

Attend every class.

Come on time.

Donít leave early.

Be actively involved in learning.

5. Do the work

Avoid procrastination. (See schedule)

Take good notes and organize notes identifying key concepts that youíve learned.

Read, read, read.

Complete the assignments.

6. Communicate and "connect"

Ask, ask, ask. Question faculty, counselors, librarians, administrators, staff and students.

Actively pursue answers to your questions.

Listen well.

Find faculty offices and use faculty office hours.

Know and use campus resources, such as, the library, counseling, career center,

learning center, math lab, writing lab, health services, financial aid, etc.

Discuss class concepts with fellow students.

Make new friends.

Join a campus organization.

Learn peopleís names.


7. Live healthy

Practice kindness and generosity.

Donít sweat the small stuff.